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It has come to my attention that Science is a bit of a handful, so if you could just take it down a notch, I would be very grateful.

Try to think of this as a rebranding, and not as “Compromising the integrity of human knowledge for the sake of one scientifically-impaired individual.” Make it simpler. Sleeker. Give it that “Wow!” factor.

Here are a few improvements that would make Science way more appealing to me. You’re welcome.


“Is that the one with all the countries,” one would ask oneself, mistakenly. …

Enjoy your visit!

Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels

How am I doing? I’m glad you asked, dear visitor.

See, protecting Art isn’t just my job. It’s my mission. Just like Jesus was born to Save The Sinners, I was born to keep visitors at least 65 centimetres away from Jesus Saving The Sinners (oil on canvas, circa 1400).

You’d think I’m harmless, because I’m just in a corner, sitting on my chair, looking bored as hell. Haha. Hahahaha. This is what I want you to believe. See this resting bored face? Two years of actor training. This nonchalant pose? I could be ON you in…

Clones, Guilt, and Fatherhood: ★★★☆☆

© Johan Persson

If an AI was tasked to create the best piece of entertainment for me based on my internet search history, it would probably come up with a musical about clones and moral philosophy starring Jonathan van Ness as the lead character. Because A Number wasn’t actually written for me (can you believe?!), I am saddened to report that neither music nor JVN were involved.

As sci-fi goes, A Number is a very fresh take that features no lab coats and no test tubes, only two men, father and son, in a living room. …

Probably not what Socrates had in mind.

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

What matters in life is not the bad things you do. It’s what you do about the consequences of what you did, no matter what you did. Or do. And did. Or did I mean do?

The point is, are you going to learn from your mistakes and become a better person? HELL NO.

What you’re going to do is get bulletproof philosophical excuses that will allow you to keep on being your authentic shitty self.

Don’t say: No, I didn’t chip in for your present, but let’s be honest, we’re not really friends and we both know I’m only…

Santa Claus, Lion-Jesus and White Lycra: ★★★★☆

Photo: Brinkhoff Moegenburg

10-year-old me would carry the complete Chronicles of Narnia around in her sky blue Eastpack backpack (worn very low, as was the custom in 2004), a book roughly twice as heavy as she was, that had entered her life through the mysterious hand-me-down channels of her family (Things appear! Things disappear! No one but Mum knows how! When asked about the things she just shrugs!). 10-year-old me was, anyway, very grateful that such an incredible piece of literature had found its way to her.

So you bet your bum that current me had…

Inspiring testimonies on life after loss

Image: HBO (Fair use).

The end of the popular show has left a hole in your heart where contempt of the fantasy nerds used to be. You are not alone. Despite their grief, people like you have decided to take their lives into new and inspiring directions, in pursuit of one common goal: feeling special again. Here are their testimonies.

For Paula, 30, change has been hard, but it led to an epiphany. “At first, I just didn’t know who I was any more. Looking down on the Game of Thrones fans had been the one constant in my life for the past eight…


© the Vaults

As artificial night was falling on the stage, and with a satisfying if unsubtle metaphor, on the lives of its characters, I imagined I was witnessing the disappearance of a generation, the natural extinction of a doomed species. It got me thinking about my least favourite grandfather, whom I chiefly remember commenting on waitresses’ breasts or boasting about shooting Germans during WW2 (he was a Resistant, which is badass, but I was eight years-old and not the ideal audience for graphic war stories). I can’t say that I disliked him, I just thought of him as a weird old perv…

Une analyse du roman de Mark Haddon


I. Une personnalité hors du commun
Une vie définie par la logique et les sciences
Une sensibilité relative
Un humour involontaire

II. Une communication difficile
Une narration spéciale
Un monde déconcertant et déconcerté
Un rapport de force variable avec le lecteur

Mark Haddon est un auteur britannique né en 1962. Son oeuvre littéraire est composée de nombreux livres pour enfants, de scénarios télévisuels, et de quelques romans pour adultes. Ayant travaillé avec des personnes autistes et se reconnaissant partiellement dans leur manière de voir le monde, il décide en 2003 d’écrire un livre…

A dive into London’s brazen and political LGBT+ history.

Let’s get straight to the point: London’s LGBT+ venues are closing due to new property development and exponential rents and this exhibition is NOT HAVING IT. At first glance, just a small room filled with an unsexy succession of documents in glass cases, it packs more political punch than all your worst family dinners put together. Here’s what it’s all about.

First of all, bring your specs, because there is a lot of reading involved. Indeed, rather than an art exhibition, this is a documentary in the shape of a hundred or so flyers, letters, newspapers cuttings, deeds (stay with…

Yoga teachers can’t read minds, right?

I may not be as flexible as this person but at least I didn’t forget my mat

Yoga is an ancient sacred practice that will grant your body and soul countless benefits. I can personally testify that a yoga class is also the perfect occasion to mentally review what’s in your fridge and to finally give your mind time to focus on all those important Game of Thrones theories. Some might think I’m doing yoga wrong, but the teacher said there is no wrong way to do yoga so there you go. …

Cécile Duclos

Writer, Fashion Designer, French Londoner. Twitter: @CcileDuclos1

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